The first round of Gfinity Australia's Elite series presented by Alienware kicked off on November 3rd at the Hoyts Cinema Complex in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter. Fans packed out the purpose-built arena to support their favourite players and teams representing Australian capital cities, with hundreds of thousands more tuning in online.

This season  Gfinity Esports Australia has partnered with Incent to reward viewers in INCNT cryptocurrency, just for watching the live broadcasts!

According to Incent co-founder and CEO, Rob Wilson the event marked the first time audiences of any kind, anywhere, have been rewarded in cryptocurrency for their attention and levels of engagement, with esports fans receiving INCNT, which is theirs to save and keep or trade.

“We’ve always seen esports and crypto as being a natural fit, especially given their matching target demographics of tech-savvy millennials.” he noted, adding: “This was completely new territory for Gfinity, Incent and our team of 12 world-class developers to bring this ‘proof-of-concept’ initiative to fruition.”

Both companies can now claim to have captured the attention of the global esports market, while repositioning cryptocurrency as a tool for much more than speculative trading.

Any organisation, in any industry striving to attract and keep more customers, and to drive sales can confidently now add to its armoury a new unit of value that trumps traditional rewards points, while creating opportunities for more people to start developing their own cache of crypto currency, for essentially doing nothing.

How Does it Work?

Its super simple!

Tune into GFinity Australia Elite Series every week and watch for the unique Drop Codes during each broadcast  of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V . Every Drop Code entered at earns viewers  crypto rewards (INCNT)

As an added incentive, Incent are rewarding the quickest players to enter the Drop Codes with a "Fastest Finger"competition. The fastest player/players to enter the drop codes the each broadcast will receive an INCNT Bounty.

This coming weekend the fastest finger reward will be $500AUD worth of INCNT.

To take part just log into your Incent account and watch the Elite Series live on Twitch.